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Sustainable and Australian Made Clothing. Made from the beechwood tree, wYse clothing is natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. Each piece is designed and made here in Australia. The fabric is gentle, breathable and luxurious and works in harmony with your body. Natural / Eco-friendly / Australian made

Liz began the wYse journey creating soft, gentle, natural underwear (hence the Y in wYse). Growing with the popularity of eco-friendly products, this labour of love grew in to a fully functioning clothing brand. Advocated by our own loyal customers, word of mouth spread about just how amazing it feels to wear. And the range grew as well. Now we create everything from everyday pieces to statement jumpsuits and stunning dresses, we evolve by listening to our people. 

Made from the pulp of the Beechwood tree, this luxurious fabric is biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. 

Perfect for travel, the pieces are compact and once you take them out of your suitcase the creases fade with the natural heat of your body. 

Throughout the journey we’ve kept our range manufactured within Australia, supporting our local community.

Now 20 years on, Liz employs a team of passionate and creative women, and continues to stay true to the values of the brand.