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Sunday evening tips for good skin & hair!

Your simple Sunday evening beauty regimen for luminous skin and hair

Did you know that the first signs of ageing we notice in a person’s face aren’t fine lines and wrinkles – it’s actually dull or pigmented skin. Perhaps it’s time to look past the wrinkles and wise up to the luminous, brightening products that can transform your skin from drab to fab and fight the signs of ageing.

Day-to-day sun exposure is the biggest threat to our front line in the battle for eternal youth, and blotchy skin is the result. Not to mention our sun-stripped and dehydrated strands! The good news is, there are a few delicious products you can introduce into your beauty regimen to help combat a dull complexion and strengthen your hair.

The first step? During the week pick up these nourishing products from Marina Mirage and prepare for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, with your simplest and most-effective skin and haircare regimen yet.

An oil or cream cleanser

You know that squeaky clean, tight feeling you get after cleansing your face with a foaming product? That squeaky side-effect could actually be damaging your skin more than you know! The foam is generally as a result of sulfates, which is a bit of a beauty faux-pas according to anti-ageing experts. Which is why you should start your Sunday routine with an oil or milk cleanser. Esteem Medispa at Marina Mirage stock an incredible range by Medik8 including their Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil.

A rich hair mask

We blast it, colour it and sizzle it – all the while leaving it to face the searing Australian sun. It’s no wonder our strands feel a little fried sometimes. After stepping out of the shower, towel dry your hair and apply a generous amount of Olaplex No. 3 Take Home Treatment that you can quickly pick up from the friendly team at Trendz in Marina Mirage. Comb through once and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes – or for the duration of Sunday evening, washing thoroughly when finished.

A hydrating serum

If there’s one step you shouldn’t be skipping when it comes to skincare, it’s applying a delicious serum. Brightening products like the luxurious range of La Biosthetique from Couture For Hair And Beauté, have the ability to drastically improve a dull complexion and begin fighting the signs of ageing the minute your skin drinks it up. Best practice is to apply on Sunday evening and leave to absorb overnight – just wait until you feel how plump your skin is in the morning.

Your #1 anti-ageing product

Luminous, youthful skin begins with a barrier to the sun. It’s as simple as that. It’s for this reason that the final step in the Sunday beauty regimen, is one that should be incorporated every day of the week.

Light, easy-to-spread products like the Medik8 range at Esteem Medispa have a velvety texture – not dissimilar to a pore-blurring primer. Another fabulous benefit of the Medik8 range is that they’re classed as physical sunscreens, meaning they don’t absorb into your skin but instead act like a veil to reflect UV rays and protect against free radical damage.

If glowing, supple skin and soft, healthy locks are on the agenda this spring, a bathroom cabinet audit with help from Marina Mirage is in order!

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