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Saltera Training is one of Australia’s most established Registered Training Organisations (RTO 7148), and is proud to be delivering the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain online, and face-to-face, in the Innovation Hub learning space at Marina Mirage.

Saltera Training is one of Queensland’s most established RTOs (Registered Training Organisation 7148) and has been operating since 1999. We specialise in industry-leading training and assessment for the Transport, Warehouse and Logistics sector, and the care we provide for our students’ futures has been the key to our success.

We have a great passion, which evidently reflects on our drive to grow as a training organisation. Consequently, we make it our priority to spend all necessary time ensuring students receive our best practice training leading to the best outcomes. Many of the students we have worked with need the direction and stability that Saltera provides, and our courses serve as esteem-building life markers that help set people on the right path.

Students will find a level of professionalism and understanding not found at other RTOs, which is why we hand-select our Trainers with these qualities front and centre. And businesses will be delighted by the minimal impact Saltera Training’s course models have on day-to-day operations. Now having entered into the Tech sector, we have partnered with industry leading Blockchain Developers and now are the first training organisation to deliver a nationally accredited blockchain course face to face.