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Seafolly launches ‘Own Your Folly’


Folly means playful, fun and a little bit cheeky. It’s about being spontaneous and confident and having a damn good time while you do.

Folly is shorthand for our Australian attitude – mischievous and optimistic – and also shorthand for Seafolly. It’s not only in the brand’s name, it’s part of Seafolly’s history and DNA.

Almost everyone knows the Seafolly brand and its iconic status with Australian summer. Encapsulating the confidence of women living life on their own terms, whilst not taking themselves too seriously – #ownyourfolly is all about the mischief and freedom that comes from our Australian attitude. Through fashion and fit, Seafolly gives women the confidence to own it.

This confidence can be traced back to 1975 and Seafolly’s founder, Peter Halas, whose folly was to follow his heart and start his own swimwear company. Against all odds, Halas’ folly took off and the brand Seafolly was born.

“Seafolly has a rich history and has been around for so many generations, it’s uniquely Australian. For me, Own Your Folly means not caring what anyone else thinks and just owning whatever it is you want to do. I love working with women and loved bringing this to life,” says campaign director Gracie Otto.

Source: Ricki Green, Campaign Brief

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