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March is Global Nutrition Month

4 Places to visit in one afternoon at Marina Mirage to inspire a better you

Got a spare afternoon and some room for self-improvement? Then we have the four things you can do in just a few hours at Marina Mirage to muster up a better version of you. It’s all part of Nutrition Month at Marina Mirage. And, don’t worry, there is eating involved.


It’s your biggest organ and something you spend hours scrubbing, poking and smothering with lotions but have you ever considered the impact of what you eat on your skin health. Glowing, radiant skin is high up on our must-have lists these days and we will preen and prime our skin with anything that comes with a promise of enhancing or improving our skin’s appearance – but what about what you eat?

Marta Belachew is a dermal therapist at Esteem Medi Spa, and while she knows everything there is to know about how to improve skin from the outside in, she is also a firm believer that what we eat, or rather what we don’t eat has a big impact on our skin too.

“The only way we know if there is something wrong internally with our bodies is by our skin and different issues will show on different parts of our face,” says Marta. “Food is very important and the right kind of food is vital for skin health.”

Marta suggests protein, green leafy vegetables, dark red and purple berries, and oily fish for skin health while avoiding sugar, salt, alcohol and smoking. She also suggests exercise as a way of helping your body eliminate toxins along with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water upon rising to encourage our bodies to be more alkaline.

Healthy skin looks and feels like that of an infant’s skin, soft to touch, plump and firm with an even texture. To get an understanding of your skin health book a consult with Marta at Esteem Medi Spa. Utilising the VISIA Skin Analysis treatment, Marta can get an insight into your skin health and give advice on how you can get glowing from the inside out.

Visit the Esteem website.


You can’t beat a good sweat session to increase your heart rate and release plenty of mood-enhancing endorphins to help you feel good throughout the day. Exercise is also great for eliminating toxins via sweat to promote healthy skin and to create stronger muscles for improved posture and agility.

Marina Mirage is home to Milon Premium Health Club, a full-service gym where you can work out for less than 20 minutes, three times a week and get results. Milon is all about working out smarter with their targeted exercise machines that enable intelligent complete body training in 17.5 minutes.

Milon is not your standard gym. It is based on smartcard technology that enables you to effectively track your workouts to ensure an effective and efficient exercise program to help you reach your goals. This technology also means no mucking around with machines, changing weights or worrying about doing exercises properly, Milon takes all the guesswork out of working out.

Matt Wratten is an accredited exercise physician at Milon Premium Health Club and he says the programs offered at Milon are perfect for anyone of any age looking to improve their health and wellbeing in a supported environment.

“When you start working out at Milon we set you up with a program and then meet a week later to ensure you are happy with your workout,” says Matt.

“Then you have the chance to meet with us every month to have your weight checked, your measurements taken and to chat about your program and make adjustments if needed.

“Plus there is always a qualified fitness trainer on hand if you have any questions or need assistance during your workouts.”

For a workout that makes getting toned, fit and healthy straight-forward visit the Milon Premium Health Club website.


While not something we think of until we are bloated or have a stomach ache, digestion is an important part of optimal health. In fact, without effective digestion, our bodies are unable to get nourishment from the foods that we consume.

Exercise is a great way to boost digestion, especially exercise in the form of reformer pilates. Reformer pilates not only provides deep massage to the internal organs, but it also increases vital fluids, your metabolism, and oxygen which can eliminate toxins and stimulate your digestive tract.

Natalie Dickson from Organic Pilates at Marina Mirage says reformer pilates is ideal for anyone who has a sluggish or inflamed digestive system.

“Stress and poor lifestyle choices can contribute to an unhealthy digestive system, which can cause people so much discomfort through bloating, pain and constipation which can lead to more serious concerns,” says Natalie.

“Reformer Pilates is known for effectively reducing stress and assisting with the elimination of toxins while ensuring our organs are working effectively.”

Reformer pilates is available at Organic Pilates located at Marina Mirage. Visit the Organic Pilates website for more.

4. EAT

Make every meal count by loading up your foods with nourishing, healthy fodder that will not only taste delicious but make you look and feel amazing too.

Eating healthy is no longer a fad but a dietary staple with many tasty fresh fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fats becoming menu staples at cafes around the Gold Coast.

Sunset Cafe Bar and Grill take pride in serving up the freshest seasonal produce available while offering them to their Marina Mirage customers in tasty, healthy menu items, available all day.

Corinne Klein  from Sunset Cafe Bar and Grill says their fresh juices and salads are popular all year round as a quick and easy way to deliver a boost of vitamins to your body.

“We have a total five fresh juice blends available including the Fruity Fusion for those who like their juice on the sweeter side, through to the popular Vege Detox which is great for immunity with ginger, carrot and orange combined with beetroot and celery,” says Corinne.

“We also have a huge range of salads that offer the perfect combination of protein, fresh leafy greens and delicious dressings along with nuts and cheese.”

Visit the Sunset Bar and Grill website for more.

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