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Behind the jeweller loupe

Sculptural pieces by Calleija Jewellery have found their way into dozens of love stories and even adorned the likes of A-Lister Baz Luhrmann, so it comes as no surprise that Callejia is the ultimate destination for Christmas gifting this season. With a slew of gift ideas from diamond encrusted teaspoons to bespoke designs and (of course) jewellery! We dove deep to uncover how the talented jewellers at Calleija turn gems and metals into extraordinary creations.

The process often begins with the gemstone, after all, it’s the heart of the piece! “From the sheer brilliance of white, yellow, and pink diamonds, to the striking shades of some of the world’s most impressive sapphires, pearls, coloured gemstones, rubies, and emeralds – our designs both capture and elevate the most precious of jewels.”

Once the jewel has been sourced, it’s time to draft an initial concept sketch. This step helps the jeweller master the details, colours, and overall feel of the piece that is about to be created. The sketches at Calleija are so intricate and detailed that they could be framed and displayed!

After the sketch is complete, the physical creation can begin! The artisans and jewellers at Calleija pride themselves on using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to finalise their bespoke pieces – individual settings are handmade, jewels are placed, precious metals are welded, and everything is meticulously set into place.

There you have it, a bespoke piece of jewellery a.k.a the ideal present to gift this Christmas – because let’s be real, customisation holds a special appeal across the board. What’s better than responding to a compliment of “I love your earrings, where are they from?” than by saying “oh, they’re custom-made from Calleija.” Gone are the days of average gifting, bespoke jewellery is here to stay!

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